Primacasa Press

Primacasa Press

Primacasa Press is the prime imprint of AIW Press. “Primacasa” means “premier house” so we feel the name is more than appropriate.

When you publish with Primacasa Press, you can be assured of the red-carpet, white-glove, royal treatment. Your work will receive thorough editing, a professionally-designed cover, and digital and paperback formatting. It will then be uploaded to a wide variety of distribution sites, not just one.

And if you are interested in doing social media marketing, our staff is available to discuss graphics options for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your advertising needs.

Your work will pass through many departments at Primacasa Press, and it will be worth it.

For information about publishing with Primacasa Press, fill out the form below and use the comment box to tell us about your project:

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