A Spooky Collection of Chilling Tales – AIW Press’s Newest Release

13923863_10208961428626674_1133397099200214872_oAIW Press is excited to announce the release of it’s newest anthology. Ten talented authors have come together in a spooky, suspenseful, and even terrifying combination of stories that are perfect for your horror film and ghost story lovers.

Set in various different places and in some instances different time periods, you will feel like you are sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories – but these aren’t your average vampire tales! Be prepared to read about things that go bump in the night in Macabre Sanctuary, just in time for Halloween!

Thrills. Chills. Shadows and superstitions. Things that go bump in the night. Macabre Sanctuary boasts suspenseful fiction designed to elicit goosebumps and raise heartrates.

Learn the lore of a haunted island.

Grapple with the undead while robbing graves Halloween night.

Endure a hazing ritual unlike any other.

Deal with a demon at an All Souls’ Day celebration.

See what happens when you court death in the wild.

Battle zombies and cannibals in a quest to stay alive.

Travel back in time to witness the birth of true evil.

Fear prophetic nightmares made manifest.

Come to terms with new ethereal realities.

Befriend a feline to extend earthly life.

This collection from ten talented authors offers ghosts and demons, spirits and zombies, cannibals and killers… even a ferocious animal. Historical and contemporary tales of violence and fright keep readers on the edges of their seats. There’s something for everyone who loves spine-tingling, bone-chilling, blood-curdling stories.

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